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I'm Isa Marsal.

Curious girl, resilient woman. Researcher and scenic creator.

I am passionate about psychology, especially humanistic therapies.


I have a great sensitivity and an endless curiosity.

I grew up and qualified as a mountain instructor (S.V.Q.2) at Telford College in Edinburgh. After graduating, I worked with groups of people at risk of social exclusion.

But what I really wanted to do was dance. So I started my studies to graduate in contemporary dance (7 years) and dramatic art (3 years). I have worked as a performing artist and dance teacher for many years. I have created works and have worked in many companies and countries. Art is always present in my life.

After a period of personal difficulties, intuition led me to Gestalt Therapy and I knew that it was, even more than art, the means of help and personal knowledge that combined my humanistic, artistic and therapeutic taste. Because a good therapist is a great artist.

When I began my path in the therapeutic world, I was looking for personal healing and to learn the techniques for the praxis of humanistic therapies, understanding the mind and helping people.

Little by little, as I have had ecstatic experiences, my gaze has expanded towards spirituality, the archetypes of the Goddesses, symbolism and Shamanism.

I am interested in both the analytical, casuistry and theoretical part as well as the spiritual part.

I like the idea of materializing the spirit and spiritualizing the matter. I understand that we are part of something much bigger and that the meaning of life is evolution.



Gestalt Therapy.

Coaching and NLP.

Río Abierto psychobody therapy.

Wheel of the Celtic Goddesses (Avalon).

Family and Systemic Constellations-

  Master in Sexology.

  Tantric massage and tantric healing.

  Courses on female sexuality, tantric and tantra massage.

I currently belong to the observation team of the 22-25 Rio Abierto promotion of the Bilbao delegation.

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